This is the face of someone who just lost 22lbs, at Fit Tribe and won a free month and is headed down cape may for annual mon daughter

This is the face of someone who just lost 22lbs, at Fit Tribe and won a free month and is headed down cape may for annual mon daughter weekend to celebrate in the jazz festivities.. by myself!


Joining Fit Tribe was by far the best decision i have mode towards reaching my health and fitness goals. Working our and eating healthy no longer feels like a chore.

Joining Fit Tribe was by far the best decision i have mode towards reaching my health and fitness goals. Working our and eating healthy no longer feels like a chore. The trainers are extremely nice, helpful and push you to reach your fullest potential. the workouts are quick and easy to fit into my busy schedule and the other members have become somewhat of a family for me, a Tribe; encouraging me and sharing their diet tips and sucesses. iI never feel judged and even when i struggle, i continue to receive encouragement from the Tribe. My goals no longer seem unrealistic. They are achievable, Thanks to Fit Tribe!

Rosie’s Ramblings – Journey

Many of you are embarking on a journey. A journey that has you indulging in vegetables, dropping some pounds, resetting your mindset; and all to discover a healthier you. Everyone is at a different place in their journey and no one walks it alone. And since you are on a journey, I thought I would share with you my journey into coaching…



Imagine 11 year old Rosie…a tiny little munchkin with a fierce personality that was just really starting to come of age. I was committed to swimming, my team, and my coach. Every pore in my body oozed chlorine. No matter the day of the week, no matter how exhausted I was feeling, no matter how many laps I had already swam, I gave it my everything at practice.



Except one day.



That day is imprinted clearly on my mind. My teammates and I were goofing around, not hitting the splits we were supposed to. My coach, furious, reprimanded us and demanded sprints for the duration of the practice. Forty minutes. Arms flailed, legs kicked, hearts raced, breathing wasn’t an option. Tears welled up inside our foggy goggles as exhaustion set in. We kept telling ourselves, just one more. JUST. ONE. MORE. Finally, it was over. We pulled our depleted bodies out of the torture chamber and somehow dragged ourselves across the slippery pool deck. Our legs wobbled and arms shook as we slowly made our way towards the hot showers.



During those forty minutes, I hated my coach. He was mean, insufferable, and unfair. It took me three days until I said a word to him. It took me longer to learn the lesson he enforced in us that day. After that point, I turned to my mom on the way home from another late swim practice, “I want to be like my coach.” Sure, that workout we did was hard and exhausting, but we learned the value of discipline.



What I learned from that workout, about myself, followed me for years.



At that moment, I knew I had to be a coach. I had to have such an impact on another’s life. I had to teach, guide, and encourage others to become the best version’s of themselves. To become what they always dreamed of.



Here I am, years later, living out what has always been deep rooted inside of me, helping you and other Tribers to achieve what they thought was nearly impossible.



We (the coaches) all have had different journeys, but the sole driving purpose of what we do is the same. We are here for you and your success. We are here as your guiding light. We are here as your coach, mentor, and friend. Together, coach and Triber, we can turn your dream into a reality. All it takes is a lot of effort and a little bit of tough love every now and then to accomplish your goals.



“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.”

Rosie’s Ramblings – Control

If you win the lottery, you are said to be lucky. It is a game solely based on chance. The odds are not in your favor. The only amount of control you have is on whether you play the game or not. You can’t win if you don’t play, but likewise, even if you play, you have no control over the outcome. Winning is 100% luck.


Outcomes measures success. Winning the lottery is a 100% success, but 0% control over that success, so I wouldn’t bet on the lottery for your retirement fund. It’s just not good financial planning.


What I would bet on, is hard work and preparation. These are measurable. You can control how much or how little you put into a project, which likewise, can control whether the outcome is deemed successful or a total failure. This is ultimately up to you.


My senior year of high school, I was in study hall with 8 other boys. The one boy copied my math homework almost every single day. While it irritated me, I ultimately didn’t mind, after all, he did bring the donuts. But when the end of the year rolled around and I was announced valedictorian, his eyes shot hot daggers at me and he proclaimed how much more deserving he was than me. I turned to him and simply said, “while you spent the year copying my homework, I spent the year actually putting in the work to succeed.”


Success isn’t winning the lottery. Luck has nothing to do with it (okay, maybe it has 5% to do with it). But really, success is the culmination of hard work that is done day in and day out. If you shy away from the effort it will take, then you aren’t deserving of the achievement.


Life does throw in some monkey wrenches, unforeseen obstacles that test you, annoy you, stress you, or all of the above! These are things no matter how superhuman you are, you CANNOT control them. They are things that simply happen, maybe to remind you that you are, indeed, human. But also to evaluate just how prepared you are. So that even if you are spiraling off into a vortex of unknown, your preparations have made it so that whatever comes your way, your still on the right path towards your goals.


Life is a series of cause and effects strung together to create a lifetime.You write the story, you control the underlying plot. But how you finish the book determines your success.

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“There is no such thing as luck, you create your own luck!” — Mr. Beasley, high school history teacher