The MOST Frequently Asked Question

“What do you eat?”


You probably think all I eat are veggies and protein and maybe some almonds. Don’t get me wrong, I love my veggies. Broccoli, spinach, peppers, carrots. Yum!


But here’s the truth: I also have a wicked sweet tooth. Ice cream is my kryptonite. I enjoy licorice, gummies, and cookies. After dinner, I love to have something with some sugar.


Here’s the thing though: I indulge sparingly. For me, Sundays are my day to relax, unwind, and splurge a little 😉


I know that come Monday, I will fast until noon, eat some delicious Energy Grille for lunch and keep on track to my goals.


I know that what I put into my body plays a huge role in how I feel, my performance, toning up and reaching my goals. So I focus on eating clean during the week and then enjoy myself come the weekends.


And it WORKS!


I feel great, my energy levels are up, and I wake up ready to go!


I could get all scientific-y and talk about insulin and leptin and how it works in the body…but here’s what you need to know and do:


1. Eat clean: veggies, proteins, and some nuts, fruits and seeds
2. Strategically eat carbs 1-2x/week
3. Fast for 16-24hrs after your “cheat” meal
4. Drink lots and LOTS of water!


And I always know that if I slip up here or there, I’ve got an Energy Grille smoothie waiting for me to drink up to help reset my mindset and get myself back on track!


And remember, if you are feeling stuck, keep a food log for a couple days, bring it in to your coaches and they can help you get back on track.


Committed to Your Success,