You’re Invited! ~ Rosie’s Ramblings

I threw myself a pity party. I invited Anxiety, Depression, and Doubt. They brought gifts of nightmares and tissues and everything in between. We celebrated the exhausting year of disappointment, lies, death, and underperformance.


You can imagine, we had a grand old time.



But when it was all said and done, I had to wrap up the party and send them out the door because there’s only so long you can spend with them and they were really starting to overstay their welcome.



So, after failed attempts of asking them nicely to leave, I had to take matters into my own hands and force them out.



It’s okay to feel all those emotions, but when you start letting them run your life instead of you taking control, compounding effects start to occur.


Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows – there have to be the thunderstorms. And sometimes it takes a tree falling on your car to jolt you awake again.



You are given one life.


That’s it.


There’s no second chances. There’s no do-overs.


If you want something, you have to work for it. Nothing is just handed to you. If you have regrets, at some point you just have to accept the past and move forward. If you constantly dwell on the shoulda, coulda, wouldas, you are going to continue in this vicious self-loathing cycle.


Life gets in the way of your goals sometimes. It sucks. You just have to deal with it. Course correct and continue pushing forward.


The moment you decide to let others choices and emotions effect you is the moment you stop ruling your own reality. Sometimes you need to emotionally, mentally, and physically push yourself forward lest you are trapped in the dark, demented reality that isn’t productive.


So, maybe some of you are experiencing a challenging situation. Take a step back – are you allowing your thoughts to control you more than letting your actions lead you forward?


Maybe you’ve lost your way to your goals. Look at the bigger picture – where did you go wrong and what steps are you now going to take to fix it so you can get back after it?


Answering those tough questions is like hitting the reset button. A wave of relief washes over you and cleanses the crevices of all the negative emotions held tight inside. Instead, a renewed sense of self and clarity fill your being and you are able to push forward, fight the good fight, and run your life again.



It’s not easy, and sometimes you need a little nudge (or hard push) from those around you to help you out of the depths of despair. If you need help on getting out of the rut and back on track to your health and fitness needs, come on in for a free trial workout >>> and push the reset button on your goals.


Committed to Your Success,