What You Should Know About Apathy

What You Should Know About Apathy

Apathy is a black hole. It drags you down until you don’t remember your reason why. Apathy is faceless, it lacks any form of emotion. It’s going through the motions and lacking any sort of feeling towards something. It’s a desolate place full of negativity and bad vibes.


Apathy is boring.


Apathy is suppression.


Apathy is where dreams go to die.


Passion is fire. It’s ignited by what you love. It’s full of emotion. It keeps you coming back time after time, asking for more. It’s the internal NEED to do more, or be better, or try harder.


Passion is the willingness to do great.


Passion is felt through your entire being. It’s the core of your reasoning. It’s the one thing you just can’t stop thinking about, talking about, or doing.


Passion can be shared from one person to another, spreading like a wildfire. It sparkles in your eyes, giving them a crazed, excited look. It’s energizing and enthusiastic.


With passion comes dreams. Dreams of doing things thought impossible by others. Dreams dazzle and excite. Dreams turned into goals become success.


Therefore, passion becomes success.


So which would you rather have?


Apathy or success?


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