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We get it. Fitness isn’t always fun. Gyms can be intimidating, You're super busy and You've Tried Other Programs That Didn't Work That’s why Fit Tribe is dedicated to 30 Minute Training Sessions That Produce RESULTS! Because our trainers are serious fitness nerds, we know how to get results quickly and safely. We work with all kinds of people looking to get “healthy and hot” (including many who’ve never belonged to a gym). We’re all about getting you results AND we’re committed to being a fitness home that you actually love. Fit Tribe's 30-minute group personal training is in a group setting with coaches who are motivating and encouraging. They focus on your form along with getting an overall great workout in. We also offer unlimited nutritional support which includes guides, recipes, and constant feedback with the trainers. Our scientifically backed workouts are designed to boost your metabolism and get you the results you want. Fit Tribe is Philadelphia's ONLY 100% GUARANTEED fitness and fat loss solution, and we have the results to back it up.

Fit Tribe
The Sweaty Science

<span>Fit Tribe</span><br>The Sweaty Science

The science behind the results. One of the many secrets to the amazing results we're able to get for our clients at Fit Tribe is our Metabolic Acceleration Workouts... Every one of our workouts is designed to not only burn calories during your workout, but also jack up your metabolism for over 30 hours after your workout!

Most personal training classes are designed around outdated methods of cardio and strength training. At Fit Tribe, all of our fast and effective 30 minute workouts are based on the science of Metabolic Training.

Our Metabolic Strength and Conditioning workouts have been scientifically proven to not only burn calories during your workout, but actually raise your metabolism for up to 36 hours after your workout!

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