5 Movements That Will Light Your Core On Fire that you’ve probably never heard of!

Everyone talks about working their core, but 9 times out of 10 that just means sit ups, crunches and legs raises. Unless you plan on being possessed sometime soon you probably won’t have a need to get out of you bed exorcist style

But there are lots of much more functional ways to strengthen your core, and here are 5 you can add to your next workout!

Hope you enjoy these! Click here to download Fit Tribe’s  7 Free At home Workouts












Hope you enjoy these! Click here to download Fit Tribe’s  7 Free At home Workouts


Self Esteem, Self Deception and Your Fitness Goals



I’ve been thinking a lot about self-esteem lately, particularly how our beliefs about ourselves can get in the way of not only achieving our goals but even keep us from setting them…


In my mind self-esteem is the result of keeping the promises you make to yourself.


There are other factors involved, for instance, I’m especially smitten with research on posture and stress hormones and the viscous or virtuous cycle created between physiology and psychology…


But we’ll save that for later, let’s keep it simple for now…


If we acknowledge that we’re unsatisfied in an area of our lives, ideally we will set goals and standards for ourselves, and get motivated to live up to them. Far more often I see people getting motived to take an action, without a clear outcome.


See, motivation can go on like a switch. We make a promise to ourselves and we feel excited to start on our journeys, whether it’s a new job, finishing a degree, or finally looking and feeling our best…


We press our work clothes, buy our books, get healthy food or start a training program, ready to succeed! We’re a little nervous but excited to get started…


However, failure doesn’t come in with such fanfare, no it’s more like a volume knob, slowly turning down, one bad meal, 2 missed workouts, and in the end…


One promise broken, a promise you made to yourself.


I think many of us are at least subconsciously aware of this, because many of us struggle at setting goals or even acknowledging what they would like to achieve. The scary part about this is deep down we all know what the goal or outcome we wanted was, but it seemed too big, or too daunting.


The problem with taking action without setting a goal is you miss out on the self-esteem that comes from keeping those small promises to yourself….


If a big goal scares you, set a goal to workout 3 times a week and make some modest changes but specific to your nutrition, and then let that victory fuel your trust in yourself to make a bigger promise!


I’ll share a recent goal I set, but first, let me explain why I set it. I believe we all wake up with two sets of dominos laid out for us, success dominos, and failure dominoes.


Every night when we set our alarms we’re setting our first goal of the day. Get out of bed and turn that alarm off and you’ve just hit your first success domino, hit the snooze button and you’ve already lied to yourself…


If you think that’s a silly example, have you or someone you’ve known ever set your alarm for earlier than you have to get up or set your clock fast so you wouldn’t be late? That’s inception level self-deception and I know it because I did it for the first 30 years of my life!


While I’ve been proud to call myself a morning person for the better part of a decade, over the past year I rekindled my affair with that damn snooze button. Now imagine it as a red failure domino and I won’t touch it.


What promise would you like to make to yourself? I’d be happy to help…


I’d like to offer everyone the opportunity to sit down and talk through your goals. I mean everyone, every Triber, and anyone reading this blog who wants to stop in, do a free workout and put some goals on paper.


Just call or shoot us a text at 610-536-6350 and let us know your name and the you’d like to set a goal!


Committed to your success,



#6 is the most important

Yup. Turns out fat *IS* contagious.


But probably not in the way you think.


It’s not like catching a cold where you touch a heavy person and then you go “Dammit, now I’m gonna be fat!”


Uh, no. That’s just silly.


It comes down to mindset. The best way I’ve heard it explained is “The 6th person” and it goes like this…


If you hang around five confident people, you will be the 6th

If you hang around five intelligent people, you will be the 6th.

If you hang around five millionaires, you will be the 6th.

If you hang around five idiots, you will be the 6th.

If you hang around five broke people, you will be the 6th.


It’s inevitable.


So it stands to reason if you hang out with 5 people who don’t prioritize their health and fitness, or are not ready to change their lives (or even worse have given up on living an extraordinary life) you will be the 6th.


You must choose which 6th you want to be very, very carefully.


And that is why I am inviting you to apply for my Get Paid to Lose Fat Program. It is a accelerated fat loss 6 week program designed to help you get lean, tight, toned and healthy fast – and it’s all free. (no tricks, no BS)



I want you to be one of the dedicated members who will be dropping 20+ pounds of fat and 4-6 inches from their bellies in only (guess how many) 6 weeks. You will be part of a fitness family with one goal in mind – making you the best version of you that you have ever been!


Why would I do this?


Because I want proof that my programs are so effective that even women who have tried every fat loss program under the sun, never worked out before or even “hate” the gym can have incredible amounts of fun as part of our fitness family while getting unlimited motivation and support and losing 20+ pounds of weight quickly, safely and permanently.


You will get the entire program:

  • Increase your Metabolism – Burn fat for up to 48 hours after your workout, by activating a special Fat-Burning SUPER-Hormone for super-fast fat loss.
  • Freedom from Cardio – Will allow you to NEVER have to do cardio again.
  • Holy Grail of Fitness – Build muscle and burn fat at the same time
  • Results in 30 Minutes – Take less than 30 minutes to do (from warm-up to your last rep)
  • Custom “No Calorie Counting” Nutrition Plan – So you’ll burn even more fat, because you can’t “out-workout” bad food choices.
  • Unlimited Sessions per week with a Personal Trainer
  • Our Exclusive Fit Tribe Cleanse


I and my team will be there to support you every step of the way. Just apply here and let’s change your life – together.




I can’t wait to work with you!

Beginner’s Guide to Fitness

You look in the mirror and wonder to yourself: How did I let myself go this far?


Whether you are brand new to fitness, or you’ve simply fallen out of shape recently, here is the quick beginner’s guide to get you back on track quickly. Change your in-front-of-the-mirror thought bubble to: Wow, I look and feel amazing! by reading and taking the action steps below.



Step 1: Start with Motivation


Why do you want to get fit again? There must be a reason that you desire to change your body at this time in your life. Think about it until you have a very clear, very specific reason. There is no wrong answer here. We all have our own personal motivators for wanting to achieve our best selves.


What’s ultimately important is that your reason is specific and powerful to you. Once you’ve determined what your motivation is, write it down where you can see it every day. Think about it. Focus on it. Don’t ever let go of it.



Step 2: Work on Education


You need to eat right and workout smart in order to quickly achieve your goal body. Do you know how to do this? Are you sure?


While there is more information on fitness available to us today than ever before, all of the information noise often gets in the way more than it helps.

There is this diet or that diet or 100 others plus so many different workout programs…So don’t expect to know exactly how to get into shape by yourself.


A successful body transformation plan should be made by a fitness professional. We’ll take your personal information into account and will answer any and all questions to ensure your success.


Plus, Saturday, April 21st we are hosting a FREE Nutrition and Movement Workshop in Swarthmore starting at 8am. Perfect stepping stone to get you where you want to be!


Step 3: Seek out Support

It’s time to have an honest and vulnerable conversation with the people in your life who matter the most. Let them know how far you’ve let yourself go. Let them know what your goal is. Let them know why this matters so much to you.


Your success rate depends heavily on the support system that you build around yourself as you begin to implement healthy lifestyle changes.


It’s very possible that you’ll find one or more people in your life who are threatened by your desire to improve yourself. While this can be upsetting, try to approach it with understanding. The best scenario would be them joining you.



Step 4: Get Started!


I know sometimes you do all the research and figure out what you want to do and why, but then you get to the start date and you freeze!  Because starting something new makes yourself vulnerable to failing.  And maybe you’ve tried and failed so many things in the past that trying again just seems…daunting.  You start to talk yourself out of it…

Just do it.  I posted a video earlier this week about just showing up (click here to watch the video).  And that’s what you need to do to get on with your goals.  Be a participant in your life, not just a bystander.


Journeys are long and not always easy but through the journey you discover more about yourself and find that you are better off having started than never starting at all.


So, try it.  Do it.  And see what happens when you jump head first into it.






Committed to Your Success,

Rosie and The Fit Tribe Team


PS – Please feel free to call us at 610-536-6350 or email me at to get started on your body transformation. Let us be your support system!

You’re Invited! ~ Rosie’s Ramblings

I threw myself a pity party. I invited Anxiety, Depression, and Doubt. They brought gifts of nightmares and tissues and everything in between. We celebrated the exhausting year of disappointment, lies, death, and underperformance.


You can imagine, we had a grand old time.



But when it was all said and done, I had to wrap up the party and send them out the door because there’s only so long you can spend with them and they were really starting to overstay their welcome.



So, after failed attempts of asking them nicely to leave, I had to take matters into my own hands and force them out.



It’s okay to feel all those emotions, but when you start letting them run your life instead of you taking control, compounding effects start to occur.


Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows – there have to be the thunderstorms. And sometimes it takes a tree falling on your car to jolt you awake again.



You are given one life.


That’s it.


There’s no second chances. There’s no do-overs.


If you want something, you have to work for it. Nothing is just handed to you. If you have regrets, at some point you just have to accept the past and move forward. If you constantly dwell on the shoulda, coulda, wouldas, you are going to continue in this vicious self-loathing cycle.


Life gets in the way of your goals sometimes. It sucks. You just have to deal with it. Course correct and continue pushing forward.


The moment you decide to let others choices and emotions effect you is the moment you stop ruling your own reality. Sometimes you need to emotionally, mentally, and physically push yourself forward lest you are trapped in the dark, demented reality that isn’t productive.


So, maybe some of you are experiencing a challenging situation. Take a step back – are you allowing your thoughts to control you more than letting your actions lead you forward?


Maybe you’ve lost your way to your goals. Look at the bigger picture – where did you go wrong and what steps are you now going to take to fix it so you can get back after it?


Answering those tough questions is like hitting the reset button. A wave of relief washes over you and cleanses the crevices of all the negative emotions held tight inside. Instead, a renewed sense of self and clarity fill your being and you are able to push forward, fight the good fight, and run your life again.



It’s not easy, and sometimes you need a little nudge (or hard push) from those around you to help you out of the depths of despair. If you need help on getting out of the rut and back on track to your health and fitness needs, come on in for a free trial workout >>> and push the reset button on your goals.


Committed to Your Success,



Dear busy moms,

Have you ever thought you were the only woman in the world who struggles with staying motivated, eating healthy, or just making time to go to the gym everyday? Does it seem there are not enough hours in the day? Do you feel like your life would just fall apart if you took even 30 minutes to yourself?


Life always seems to get in the way, doesn’t it? I’m here to tell you, you’re not alone. Women take on so much responsibility and feel guilty doing things they want to do. I know I do it.


I myself have been there.


I’ve struggled with being comfortable in my body my whole life. I can honestly say, it took 36 years before I was comfortable in my own skin. I remember thinking why do I have to work so hard to stay in shape? Why can’t I eat whatever I wanted like all my friends did? Why, why why? I have always been a thick woman. My legs especially!!


The day I stopped asking why and started loving myself for who I was (not who I thought everyone else wanted me to be) is the day it all changed!! I no longer worry what ANYONE thinks.


I do it for me and me only.


My perception on life even changed. The way I saw the world changed. Life just changed. I became a happier person. Those moments of self pity were a thought of the past. The desire or should I say will to improve who I was and wanted to become far outweighed the self loathing I had created in my head. This is what I hope for you…


I want to remind you how important you are!! How beautiful you are. I want to let you know that it is ok to take a break sometimes. I also, want to remind you how important it is to love yourself.


We’re so busy loving everyone around us and making sure the people in our lives are taking care of. We forget to take care of ourselves. You’re not being selfish if you want to live a happier, healthier life. You certainly are not selfish if you say “no” once in a while, either.


Keep your head high, Love with all of your heart. Dream big. Set goals. Dance in the rain. Hey, cry once in a while for no reason.. Let it out! Learn to grow in the darkest of hours. That is what makes you (us) beautiful women!!


Strength doesn’t always mean being strong. Strength to me means being stronger then I was yesterday. Laughing a little more. Not looking back, looking forward. Not letting anyone or anything keep you down. Continuing to grow. Finding peace. It means never giving up!!! NEVER. From this day forward live….Don’t just exist!!




Coach Sanchez


PS – In case you missed it, our Zero Pound Challenge is perfect for the busy moms out there, learn more about how you could win 2 free weeks of training in the new year >>

What do jigsaw puzzles and fitness have in common?

When you open a puzzle box… everything is a big mess. If you tried to smash all the pieces together you would end up with an awful end product. It takes time, patience, and diligence to get that perfect picture on the front of the box.


Alone, each piece stands for something. Maybe it’s work ethic..then you find it’s pair – discipline. And they fit together. You slowly start to work towards that masterpiece. Little by little, it starts to come together. You finish the border and set the foundation to build on.


Overtime, that puzzle becomes a complete picture of your goal.


But the purpose of starting is the end result.


When you start at Fit Tribe, your goal is on your forefront of your vision. It’s that picture on the front of the puzzle box. We are striving to reach that end goal.


We help to give you some of the pieces you need to complete the puzzle, but you still hold some of them too. Together, we work as a team to get reach the end.


Results are important.


Results are the reason to start, to keep going, to persevere, and to see everything through to the finish.


Helping you to achieve your results, it our coach’s main focus. We are invested in helping you achieve your goals and feel a sense of pride with every milestone marker you hit.


Together, we are a team made for success.


Together, we are a matching puzzle piece.


“Life isn’t about finding pieces of a puzzle. It’s about creating and putting those exceptional pieces together.”


Committed to Your Success,




Let us help you reach your end goals by coming in for a free workout and strategy session! >>>


#WOW: Band Camp

Resistance bands are such a versatile tool. You can do so much with it, and it doesn’t take up much space…which is why it’s one of my favorite things to throw the band in my purse or luggage for a workout on the go.


Focus on maintaining tension in the band in this awesome #WorkoutWednesday AMRAP!


Do 10 Reps of each exercise, as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes!


10 SM Band Side Step
10 SM Band Fire Hydrants
10 SM Band No Monies
10 SM Band Peek A Boos


Click the image below or this link to watch the workout video:



Need to add some more workouts to your routine? Download our 7 At-Home workouts guide here >>>



1. Connection. By committing to something, we are making a connection to our actions. A goal to get healthy is then followed by the actions in which it takes to get there.


2. Passion. Passion is the fire from within that motivates us. Without passion, our actions lack meaning and make that commitment harder to keep.


3. Persistence. Being committed to your goal means there are going to be tough obstacles in the way. Each hurdle must be overcome in order to achieve what you are working so hard for. By continuing through the difficulties, you are committing to yourself.


4. Conscious. Commitment is a conscious effort. It cannot be done thoughtlessly, it requires insight and self-awareness.


5. Purposeful. Commitment involves a choice – it is not a random or haphazard action, it is saying yes to your passions or goals.


6. Inspiring. Commitment inspires you to shoot for the moon, and really give it your all. It’s going to take everything you have in order to reach it and maintain it, but it will always be worth it.


7. Commitment is surrender. Commitment is the giving of ourselves to what we most believe and want. It is the merging of our ideals and our being. We surrender to our ideals and with commitment, live them. We create what we want when we surrender to our commitment.


“Commitment is what transforms a promise into a reality”


Need help with your fitness commitments? Come in for a free strategy session with one of the coaches to map out your fitness success. >>>

Committed to Your Success,


What You Should Know About Apathy

Apathy is a black hole. It drags you down until you don’t remember your reason why. Apathy is faceless, it lacks any form of emotion. It’s going through the motions and lacking any sort of feeling towards something. It’s a desolate place full of negativity and bad vibes.


Apathy is boring.


Apathy is suppression.


Apathy is where dreams go to die.


Passion is fire. It’s ignited by what you love. It’s full of emotion. It keeps you coming back time after time, asking for more. It’s the internal NEED to do more, or be better, or try harder.


Passion is the willingness to do great.


Passion is felt through your entire being. It’s the core of your reasoning. It’s the one thing you just can’t stop thinking about, talking about, or doing.


Passion can be shared from one person to another, spreading like a wildfire. It sparkles in your eyes, giving them a crazed, excited look. It’s energizing and enthusiastic.


With passion comes dreams. Dreams of doing things thought impossible by others. Dreams dazzle and excite. Dreams turned into goals become success.


Therefore, passion becomes success.


So which would you rather have?


Apathy or success?


Need help discovering your path to success? Meet with one of the Fit Tribe coaches to discuss your goals and map out your journey to success >>>


Committed to Your Success,