Self Esteem, Self Deception and Your Fitness Goals



I’ve been thinking a lot about self-esteem lately, particularly how our beliefs about ourselves can get in the way of not only achieving our goals but even keep us from setting them…


In my mind self-esteem is the result of keeping the promises you make to yourself.


There are other factors involved, for instance, I’m especially smitten with research on posture and stress hormones and the viscous or virtuous cycle created between physiology and psychology…


But we’ll save that for later, let’s keep it simple for now…


If we acknowledge that we’re unsatisfied in an area of our lives, ideally we will set goals and standards for ourselves, and get motivated to live up to them. Far more often I see people getting motived to take an action, without a clear outcome.


See, motivation can go on like a switch. We make a promise to ourselves and we feel excited to start on our journeys, whether it’s a new job, finishing a degree, or finally looking and feeling our best…


We press our work clothes, buy our books, get healthy food or start a training program, ready to succeed! We’re a little nervous but excited to get started…


However, failure doesn’t come in with such fanfare, no it’s more like a volume knob, slowly turning down, one bad meal, 2 missed workouts, and in the end…


One promise broken, a promise you made to yourself.


I think many of us are at least subconsciously aware of this, because many of us struggle at setting goals or even acknowledging what they would like to achieve. The scary part about this is deep down we all know what the goal or outcome we wanted was, but it seemed too big, or too daunting.


The problem with taking action without setting a goal is you miss out on the self-esteem that comes from keeping those small promises to yourself….


If a big goal scares you, set a goal to workout 3 times a week and make some modest changes but specific to your nutrition, and then let that victory fuel your trust in yourself to make a bigger promise!


I’ll share a recent goal I set, but first, let me explain why I set it. I believe we all wake up with two sets of dominos laid out for us, success dominos, and failure dominoes.


Every night when we set our alarms we’re setting our first goal of the day. Get out of bed and turn that alarm off and you’ve just hit your first success domino, hit the snooze button and you’ve already lied to yourself…


If you think that’s a silly example, have you or someone you’ve known ever set your alarm for earlier than you have to get up or set your clock fast so you wouldn’t be late? That’s inception level self-deception and I know it because I did it for the first 30 years of my life!


While I’ve been proud to call myself a morning person for the better part of a decade, over the past year I rekindled my affair with that damn snooze button. Now imagine it as a red failure domino and I won’t touch it.


What promise would you like to make to yourself? I’d be happy to help…


I’d like to offer everyone the opportunity to sit down and talk through your goals. I mean everyone, every Triber, and anyone reading this blog who wants to stop in, do a free workout and put some goals on paper.


Just call or shoot us a text at 610-536-6350 and let us know your name and the you’d like to set a goal!


Committed to your success,



Beginner’s Guide to Fitness

You look in the mirror and wonder to yourself: How did I let myself go this far?


Whether you are brand new to fitness, or you’ve simply fallen out of shape recently, here is the quick beginner’s guide to get you back on track quickly. Change your in-front-of-the-mirror thought bubble to: Wow, I look and feel amazing! by reading and taking the action steps below.



Step 1: Start with Motivation


Why do you want to get fit again? There must be a reason that you desire to change your body at this time in your life. Think about it until you have a very clear, very specific reason. There is no wrong answer here. We all have our own personal motivators for wanting to achieve our best selves.


What’s ultimately important is that your reason is specific and powerful to you. Once you’ve determined what your motivation is, write it down where you can see it every day. Think about it. Focus on it. Don’t ever let go of it.



Step 2: Work on Education


You need to eat right and workout smart in order to quickly achieve your goal body. Do you know how to do this? Are you sure?


While there is more information on fitness available to us today than ever before, all of the information noise often gets in the way more than it helps.

There is this diet or that diet or 100 others plus so many different workout programs…So don’t expect to know exactly how to get into shape by yourself.


A successful body transformation plan should be made by a fitness professional. We’ll take your personal information into account and will answer any and all questions to ensure your success.


Plus, Saturday, April 21st we are hosting a FREE Nutrition and Movement Workshop in Swarthmore starting at 8am. Perfect stepping stone to get you where you want to be!


Step 3: Seek out Support

It’s time to have an honest and vulnerable conversation with the people in your life who matter the most. Let them know how far you’ve let yourself go. Let them know what your goal is. Let them know why this matters so much to you.


Your success rate depends heavily on the support system that you build around yourself as you begin to implement healthy lifestyle changes.


It’s very possible that you’ll find one or more people in your life who are threatened by your desire to improve yourself. While this can be upsetting, try to approach it with understanding. The best scenario would be them joining you.



Step 4: Get Started!


I know sometimes you do all the research and figure out what you want to do and why, but then you get to the start date and you freeze!  Because starting something new makes yourself vulnerable to failing.  And maybe you’ve tried and failed so many things in the past that trying again just seems…daunting.  You start to talk yourself out of it…

Just do it.  I posted a video earlier this week about just showing up (click here to watch the video).  And that’s what you need to do to get on with your goals.  Be a participant in your life, not just a bystander.


Journeys are long and not always easy but through the journey you discover more about yourself and find that you are better off having started than never starting at all.


So, try it.  Do it.  And see what happens when you jump head first into it.






Committed to Your Success,

Rosie and The Fit Tribe Team


PS – Please feel free to call us at 610-536-6350 or email me at to get started on your body transformation. Let us be your support system!

Dear busy moms,

Have you ever thought you were the only woman in the world who struggles with staying motivated, eating healthy, or just making time to go to the gym everyday? Does it seem there are not enough hours in the day? Do you feel like your life would just fall apart if you took even 30 minutes to yourself?


Life always seems to get in the way, doesn’t it? I’m here to tell you, you’re not alone. Women take on so much responsibility and feel guilty doing things they want to do. I know I do it.


I myself have been there.


I’ve struggled with being comfortable in my body my whole life. I can honestly say, it took 36 years before I was comfortable in my own skin. I remember thinking why do I have to work so hard to stay in shape? Why can’t I eat whatever I wanted like all my friends did? Why, why why? I have always been a thick woman. My legs especially!!


The day I stopped asking why and started loving myself for who I was (not who I thought everyone else wanted me to be) is the day it all changed!! I no longer worry what ANYONE thinks.


I do it for me and me only.


My perception on life even changed. The way I saw the world changed. Life just changed. I became a happier person. Those moments of self pity were a thought of the past. The desire or should I say will to improve who I was and wanted to become far outweighed the self loathing I had created in my head. This is what I hope for you…


I want to remind you how important you are!! How beautiful you are. I want to let you know that it is ok to take a break sometimes. I also, want to remind you how important it is to love yourself.


We’re so busy loving everyone around us and making sure the people in our lives are taking care of. We forget to take care of ourselves. You’re not being selfish if you want to live a happier, healthier life. You certainly are not selfish if you say “no” once in a while, either.


Keep your head high, Love with all of your heart. Dream big. Set goals. Dance in the rain. Hey, cry once in a while for no reason.. Let it out! Learn to grow in the darkest of hours. That is what makes you (us) beautiful women!!


Strength doesn’t always mean being strong. Strength to me means being stronger then I was yesterday. Laughing a little more. Not looking back, looking forward. Not letting anyone or anything keep you down. Continuing to grow. Finding peace. It means never giving up!!! NEVER. From this day forward live….Don’t just exist!!




Coach Sanchez


PS – In case you missed it, our Zero Pound Challenge is perfect for the busy moms out there, learn more about how you could win 2 free weeks of training in the new year >>

6 Secrets to the Fit Tribe Cleanse

This week we have over 40 Tribers doing the Fit Tribe Cleanse in Havertown…not including all those in the other locations who are jumpstarting their metabolism! Here are a few secrets to having a successful cleanse!


> Oh yeah, and even if you aren’t cleansing…all of these rules apply in your journey to your goals, so regardless of if you are cleansing or not, you should still read these tips below 🙂 <<< 


1. Drink lots and lots of WATER. Water helps you to feel full, while also keeping you hydrated for those workouts. Thirst can trigger hunger signals, so always grab some H2O first to make sure you’re not having mixed signals!


2. Be prepared. Make sure you have everything you need: produce and proteinso you don’t find yourself scrambling because you didn’t have enough food. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Lucky for you, you can always grab an Energy Grille smoothie if you’re really in a bind 🙂


3. Find a buddy. Fortunately, with so many people cleansing, you are BOUND to have someone you know experiencing the same things as you, so lean on them for support and accountability, they will help you throughout the process.


4. Get past Day 3. The resounding opinion of many is that Day 3 is the hardest…you’re not quite halfway there yet and you fasted that morning/afternoon, so it can be a drag. But just stay positive and stay the course because after Day 3, it’s all downhill from there 🙂


5. Be sure to hit reset! After the 7 days are over, make sure during your dinner on day 8 includes some carbs (1/2 sweet potato or some rice). This will boost leptin (metabolism) and you have officially reset your metabolism!


6. Rejoice in your accomplishments! Whether it’s 3 pounds or 11 pounds, give yourself a pat on the back for completing the cleanse and rejoice in your success! So often I hear people say “Well, I only lost 4 pounds…” But HELLO! You lost 4 pounds! And now you can continue to follow a clean diet and 4 turns into 6, 6 turns into 10 and before you know it, you are knocking on your goal.


And my extra super duper, high clearance secret?



BE POSITIVE. Okay, so it’s not THAT secret, but it can often be forgotten or overlooked during the week, or when going through something tough, so that’s why I had to point it out.



Keep these tips and tricks for whenever you need them in the future…and if you are cleansing this week, YOU GOT THIS!!! We are all here for you every step of the way!


If you’re struggling with your nutrition and don’t know where to start, our coaches can help you jumpstart your health goals. Reply to this email and one of our coaches can chat with you and get you set up to come in and make a positive change in your life.


Flipping through a magazine, you immediately start noticing how much you wish you had her figure or his abs or that look. Then you scroll through social media and see others dripping with success. You find yourself pining over them. You wish you had this or that, you wish you looked a certain way. You wish, you wish, you wish…


And you FREEZE.


All that wishing, cripples you. You focus so much on what you don’t have instead of putting your head down and grinding out the work to get there. I guarantee you all of those people you wish your life was like, aren’t busy double tapping pictures wishing their life was different. They’re busy creating. They’re busy with a life full of action. They’re busy with a life full of vision and passion and effort.


You need to be so busy creating your own life the way you imagine it that you don’t notice what anyone else is doing.


STOP trying to be a copy of someone else’s success. You won’t be able to reproduce the same results. That road has been forged before. Be creative, do what makes your soul shine, so you can make your own mark on this world instead of a shadow of someone else’s.


Innovation drives change. Positive change drives success. And success drives your sports car (or Jeep or jet or whatever your heart desires). But start at the basics: what is your why? What is your purpose?


Build from there. Your life should stem from your purpose and be a reflection of that. Everything should align with your overarching desires. And push, and push, and push and be relentless in your journey to you goals. Your head should be filled with ideas and ways to try to push the boundaries…


People will be wishing they were you, but it doesn’t matter…because you just won’t stop.


Find your why and build your life around it. Success will follow you there.


And your health success can follow you here…you can get started on our 6 week challenge starting on Monday October 9th, where you can burn 20 pounds for free! If you go all in, open-minded, and follow your coaches, you will find success! Learn more about it here >>>


Committed to your success,


Our Dirty Little Secrets

Today on Fit Tribe TV, we played a game that was **awesome** on so many levels…if you missed it, you can watch it here:


But here’s the gist: all the coaches sat on chairs next to each other, Mike read out a phrase that said something like “move 2 chairs to the left if you currently have unpaid parking tickets.” If the statement was true, you moved…and it didn’t matter if there was someone already sitting in the seat you were moving to, you just sat on their lap.


We just kept going like this and eventually, we ended up almost all in one seat! (I feel bad for the person on the bottom!!!)


It was hilarious!!!


But more than that, it helped us bond even more as a team. And team is very important. You can do a lot more together than you can as an individual. I’m blessed that every day I am surrounded by incredible teammates that all have my best interest in mind.


Being able to bond as coaches, aids us in building the community within Fit Tribe. The atmosphere that we are all here; together, working hard; together, reaching goals; together is what makes Fit Tribe such an incredible place.


Now, I could go on and on about why I love Fit Tribe so much, but I will spare you all the mushy-gushy details. Most of you know for yourselves firsthand anyways 😉


But for those of you who don’t and haven’t experienced Fit Tribe yet, definitely come in for a free trial workout and see what I’m talking about! >>>

Committed to Your Success,

Rosie and The Fit Tribe Team

A Nutrition Commandment – Rosie’s Ramblings

Thou Shall Not Shame Thyself


We’ve all been there – at the party, when you held out on the crackers and only nibbled on the veggies. You followed everything to a T. You almost made it out of there unscathed. Almost.


Your willpower broke when the fresh warm cookies came out. Temptation took hold. You eat one on the way out the door.


The whole way home you berate and shame yourself for your wrong-doing. You can’t believe you ate it. You make yourself feel sick at the thought of it.


Once that train gets rolling, it’s hard to stop.


You get home and see the pounds in the mirror that single cookie just added to your hips. You continue to hate yourself for that one cookie. You know you are being ridiculous, the pounds don’t just magically appear within seconds, but you just can’t stop!


But you need to, really.


In fact, those thoughts shouldn’t even be allowed to enter your mind because guess what:


No matter how much you wish that cookie away, it’s not going to change anything. It’s done. All you can do is focus on the present to create your future. Focus on that next meal being healthy and stop creating added stress over something you can’t change.


So eat the damn cookie, fast for 14-24 hours, and get over it. Because the sooner you do that, the sooner you have control over your identity as a healthy person. You’ll stop fretting and start seeing those results!


“If you find a cheesesteak in your way, eat your way through it, and find a salad on the other side.” – Jesse Davis


Committed to Your Success,
Rosie and the Fit Tribe Team

Rosie’s Ramblings – Breakthrough

Stuck.  We’ve all been there.  Feeling like we have four tires, spinning dirt, stuck in the mud.  No matter how hard we push, it seems like we just can’t gain an inch.

Frustrations rise.  Part of us wants to give in and just leave the car for dead.  The other part of us wants to keep persevering and overcome.

You have a choice.

Do you succumb to defeat?

Walk away from the car, throwing in the towel.  A heavy cloud hangs over your head as you meander dejectedly back to your comfort zone.  It feels like a punch in the gut as you realize that you gave up on your goal.  It subsides to a numb nothingness as you think of how hard you worked and got nowhere.

You reach a dead-end.  The only way out is to go back the way you travelled, but you just don’t want to open yourself up to that failure again.  You stay there and have to be okay with the fact that nothing will change if you aren’t willing to.

Or do you choose to press on?

Continue the daily grind, pushing the self doubt that bubbles to the surface out of your mind.  Then slowly, you start to move in the right direction until you find yourself give, breaking free, and cruising back down the highway.

You’re on cloud nine.  You let out a sigh of relief.  Finally.  You reached the other side and the feeling of accomplishment rises up inside of you.  All the early mornings, long days, and hard work were worth it.  A sense of confidence fills you.  You can do anything you put your mind to, and immediately begin creating a new goal and laying the groundwork to get there.

You create your reality.  Will you be successful and drown out all negativity, or will you let it pull you down?  You need to decide.  It’s your choice, no one can make it for you.  Either way, you need to be okay with the outcome from your decision.

So, make your choice.

Rosie’s Ramblings – A Day In The Life


The alarm clock blares, breaking through your dreams and pushing you towards consciousness. Stumbling out from under your covers, you silence the shrilling sound. You quickly turn off your second alarm and slip out of your bedroom. You take three deep breaths as you wipe the sleepiness from your eyes.

Your mind starts turning. Your workout that you started thinking about the night before takes shape. Excitement rises up from the pit of your stomach as you come up with the perfect finisher.

Once that’s done, you set a stopwatch. You have 10 minutes to fold laundry as fast as you can. You break out a little sweat as you put things away. You check your watch and pick up the pace to beat your “score” from last time. Time.

You finish packing up your computer, apple, and water. You head out the door, phone flashlight in hand to find your way to your car.


As you drive down the highway, you put soft music on the radio, clearing your mind. You find peace in the early morning when few are awake. After a couple miles, you come back from your reverie and begin to think of all the things you want to accomplish that day. You recite that list a few times, adding a thing here or there. And then you arrive.


You quickly jot your to-do list down and begin to set up the workout. You feel your body loosening up as you continue to move around. You tweak a few things in the workout as the first person walks in.


The first session starts and you find energy pulsing through your body. You quickly begin cueing and motivating the Tribers. You jump up and down with excitement as someone begins to grasp the concept of a kettlebell swing. You feel electric. Time flies and before you know it, four sessions have gone by.


You gulp down a water as you grab some cleaning supplies. The hum of the vacuum drowns out the music as you make your way down the turf. You multitask, as you text a client in one hand and wipe down equipment with the other. You finish and catch up on other messages before the next sessions.


You find yourself having a heart to heart with a client, helping them through their frustrations and encouraging them to make adjustments. You motivate them and when they leave, you can tell they are walking with a positive bounce in their step. You gather up your papers and head downstairs to do backend work.


Other coaches arrive and a dog or two. You discuss some clients, goals hit, and struggles. You work together on projects. Music plays in the background and you talk about You reach out to clients to provide encouragement. You play tug-o-war with a pooch.


You and another coach decide to do the workout that you had craftfully concocted. You blast some Britney Spears and work it. Twenty minutes of sweat later and you grab an Energy Grille meal and some Wawa snacks.


You head home, happy and tired. Hours go by and you get a text from a Triber about a huge goal they just accomplished. You smile as your eyes tear up with joy for their achievement. You feel content. This is why you do what you do.

“Coaching is the universal language of change and learning.”

Rosie’s Ramblings – Criticism

Doling out criticism can be daunting, knowing that you are responsible for telling someone else that what they are doing is broken. You’ve been there, on the receiving end, and it’s disconcerting. So you fluff it up just enough to be constructive rather than destructive.



There’s an art to criticizing. The goal should be to give someone areas to build upon while still keeping their core foundation. Likewise, there is an art to receiving criticism. It’s looking the person square in the eye, rather than dropping your chin. It’s acutely listening to what the other has to say. It’s reflecting on the words and ultimately, taking action on them to improve in whatever capacity necessary.



Living without criticism is like walking through a child’s playroom in the dark, one false step and you find a lego block lodged on the bottom of your foot. Criticism is the light needed to guide you to your goals. Acting positively upon it, could be the game changer. It could be the difference between you getting the promotion or losing your job. It could be the difference between losing the weight you always wanted or staying stuck where you’re at. It could be the difference between changing your life or feeling like life is passing you by.



Criticism is important. You may need to be knocked down a few pegs in order to work your way back up, but you don’t want to be shattered beyond repair, so don’t let it tear you down.



My coach at the Olympic Training Center was notorious for being nagging and nit-picky about the tiniest little things, while the compliments were few and far between. While her critiquing style certainly needed some improvement, I knew that I would much rather have her dishing it out over and over again and grow a thick skin than to hear nothing but crickets. I knew that the moment I heard silence, would be the moment she had given up on me. So I took the criticism, relentlessly, and picked out the most common deficits and worked hard on those areas, knowing that I was working towards my main goal.



Keeping that North Star always in your vision helps you realize that what needs to be worked on may be the catalyst to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. So, the next time you find yourself on the receiving end of a critique, take from it, learn from it, grow from it, and become a better you from it!

“Butt down, chest up!” – Fit Tribe Coaches