In it to Win it ~ Tasha’s Tips

In it to Win it ~ Tasha’s Tips

You vs You

Make time for yourself. I often hear that people just don’t have enough time in a day. Yes, we all have crazy lives…Some have families, children, multiple jobs, school, the list goes on and on. However, it takes 30 minutes….YES 30 minutes to get your butt kicked here at Fit Tribe! Make this YOUR time. Be selfish for 30 minutes. You give 30 minutes of your day and I promise it will change your life. We have many members who have proven that and it has been the best decision of their lives! So as I always say….DO YOU…if it isn’t all day because you have to take care of others which is understandable give yourself that 30 minutes to DO YOU!

Slow & Steady

Do you remember that one Aesop’s Fables, The Tortoise & the Hare? This is a great representation of taking it slow and steady….Slow and steady wins the race! Being consistent and using effective effort always leads to success. When it comes to fitness we need to remember it is a process, it is different for EVERYONE. If you aren’t seeing the number on the scale dropping, but are feeling stronger and your clothes are fitting differently you are WINNING the race! Always, always remember slow and steady wins the race! When making healthier choices and wanting to change ourselves, we have to remember those small short term goals, which will lead us to that long term goal. Ultimately we want to live a long healthy life right?! Well, we can do just that with the right mind set of slow and steady will win this race!! (I cannot stress that enough can you tell?!)


As mentioned above, everyone is different. You cannot go through your fitness journey comparing yourself to the person standing next to you. The only person you need to compare yourself to is the person you were last week, the person you were a month ago, the person you were when you first stepped foot into Fit Tribe! That is probably one hell of a comparison there if you have been here for some time. Everyone started somewhere, they started at the beginning and worked very hard day after day to become the strong self they are today. If you give it your all and only leave the comparison to yourself, you will succeed!

~Be a game changer. The world has enough followers.~